book rack, June 4

book rack, June 4

Sita: Warrior of Mithila
Amish Tripathi
Westland, 2017, pp 376, Rs.237

This is the story of an extraordinary woman. An abandoned baby is found in a field, protected by a vulture from a pack of wolves. She is adopted by the ruler of Mithila, a powerless king who is ignored by all. Nobody believes this child will amount to much. But they are wrong. For she is Sita.

Boom Country?
Alan Rosling
Hachette, 2017, pp 269, Rs. 599

Drawing upon his own experiences and more than 100 interviews with Indian entrepreneurs, as well as forces of the government, Rosling provides an incisive analysis of the opportunities and challenges of doing business in India.

Operation Jinnah
Shiv Aroor
Juggernaut, 2017, pp 295, Rs. 299

A girl is kidnapped by Pakistani terrorists in Kashmir. But this is no ordinary girl. And her kidnapper is no ordinary man. And India’s most strong-willed naval officer watches as the consequences of a lethal operation from his past crash into the present.

Shared Tables
Kaumudi Marathe
Speaking Tiger, 2017, pp 302, Rs. 450

The author explores her roots in the Konkanastha and Saraswat clans, recalling her immersion in their classic Marathi cuisines. Her move to LA, a city that encouraged her to dream of a new way of living, enabled her to set up the first Indian cooking school in the US. The book has her recollections.

The Flame of the Forest
Sudhin N Ghose
Speaking Tiger, 2017, pp 280, Rs. 350

A young adult scholar is forced to choose between tradition and modernity. To make a living, he also acts as a part-time secretary to his mentor, a political moderate. But when his rival goes after the scholar, he must choose between taking on a losing battle and running away with a kirtani.

Singha Durbar
Sagar S J B Rana
Rupa, 2017, pp 426, Rs. 495

The Ranas of Nepal were de facto rulers of the kingdom for slightly over a century, reigning as prime ministers of the state, with the king as a figurehead. It has been criticised for economic and religious
excesses, and for tyranny. Now, a descendant of the Rana clan opens up about his family.

Rajiv Shah
Notion Press, 2017, pp 342, Rs.250

Arjun and Karishma, college students, meet each other by chance and find themselves falling for each other. Everything is perfect until Karishma is found dead. Enter Rahul and Susan, the detectives who take on the investigation of this strange case.

The Buddha
Mukunda Rao
Harper Collins, 2017, pp 192, Rs. 350

The physical is central to an understanding of the psychological and the spiritual. Drawing from sources such as the Mahayana texts, Zen Buddhism, Nietzsche, post-modernist thinkers and biological sciences, the author tells the story of the Buddha.