Understanding the difficulties

Understanding the difficulties


Issues bothering our daily lives like corruption, environmental disasters, terrorist attacks will be deliberated upon at the 10th Karnataka Gathering, hosted by the Study Centre of the Krishnamurti Foundation India, Kanakpura Road. The gathering will held on April 9, 10 and 11.

The gathering is for serious, responsible and open-minded people. It is a residential programme conducted amidst lush green wilderness, that is conducive for self-enquiry. The theme of the gathering is The Wholeness of Life.

The topics that will be dwelt upon are ‘Action which is skillful and which does not perpetuate the ‘self’’, ‘In negation, the positive is born’, ‘Where there is suffering, you cannot possibly love’, ‘How is one to know one self?’

The Study Centre is created on the Foundation of the teachings of J Krishnamurti,  considered as one of the greatest seers and philosophers of the century. The interacting participants in this gathering are Jnanapeeth Awardee U R Ananthamurthy, Hindi writer, socialist Krishnanath and other dignitaries. For details, call 28435243.