Namma 100 staff answer calls in just 2 secs, says police chief

Namma 100 staff answer calls in just 2 secs, says police chief

Namma 100 staff answer calls in just 2 secs, says police chief

Distress calls to the Namma 100 emergency response service are being answered in just two rings, according to Bengaluru Police Commissioner Praveen Sood.

“The response is so quick that some of the callers hung up assuming they had dialled a wrong number only to call us back,” he told journalists on Tuesday.

On Monday, the police control room received 3,200 calls, all of which were answered in two seconds. The majority of the calls were about trivial issues that could be handled by police constables in Hoysala patrol vehicles. Members of the public sometimes call senior officers like inspectors, assistant police commissioners and deputy commissioners of police to report trivial issues.

Sood appealed to citizens to make use of Namma 100 as a single point of contact for any emergency and said appropriate police officers would attend to the problem depending on the gravity of the matter.

The city police chief said people need not remember different phone numbers for women’s, children’s or elders’ helpline. “We expect more and more people to make use of this service as our control room is well-equipped and capable of handing 8,000 calls per day,” he said.

This apart, phone numbers for ambulance, fire and other emergency services will be integrated with Namma 100 as it is a round-the-clock service with state-of-the-art technology. Police are also considering integrating the universal emergency number (112) with Namma 100.

Besides receiving calls and despatching Hoysala patrol cars to crime or accident spots, the police control room also has a team that monitors the response time, analyses the calls and records the type of help provided. The team also generates feedback based on the action taken report.

Sood said such an approach would not only help improve the service but also weed out staff members who fail to respond in time.