Poojary flays CM over farm loan

Poojary flays CM over farm loan

Congress leader and former Union minister B Janardhana Poojary strongly criticised the state government for its inability to provide justice to farmers who are staging a protest in Haveri.

He urged the state and the central governments to come to the rescue of farmers.

Addressing reporters, he said the farmers are staging several protests for a long time to demand regularisation of Bagar Hukum lands, loan waiver, crop compensation and support price. “Some farmers held unique protests and tried to commit suicide, but the government has turned a blind eye. Instead of pointing fingers to the central government and considering the helpless situation of farmers, Chief Minister Siddaramaih should immediately announce the loan waiver,” he said.

The central government should also waive the farm loans. “More than anything else, the government needs to work on humanitarian grounds. I continue to support farmers. If I am expelled from the party, so be it,” he said.

He stated that if the chief minister continues to behave indifferently, the Congress will not come to power next time in the state. “He should rise from his deep slumber and instill confidence among farmers. It is not impossible to waive loans if the government decides to do so. It can be done even without the central government’s support. The chief minister should step down, if he is not able to stop the suicides of farmers,” he said.