A time to experiment

A time to experiment

Fashion forward

A time to experiment
The academic year has begun and students are reluctantly getting back to the grind. Coming to outfits, while school kids are forced to put up with boring uniforms, the college-goers have a bit more freedom when it comes to their wardrobe!

College is the best time to experiment with your look. This is the time when you’re bold enough to try new things. But there are still  some essentials that should have a place in every college student’s wardrobe.

“Except during the first week of college, planning our outfits for every single day becomes almost impossible. It eventually boils down to picking out simpler outfits that ensure you are comfortable but also create an impact. So when you go shopping, it is best to select outfits keeping in mind your comfort level,” says Nischeta Velu.

She adds, “I always swear by my black trousers and a simple jacket, which can add just enough oomph to my ensemble to show I made an effort.”

College fests and other special days are great opportunities to flaunt the best from your wardrobe, but these flashy outfits may not be a great idea on a regular full class day.

A good majority of the young crowd says that jeans, regular tees and a pair of cute converse shoes can make the cut.

But some also  prefer wearing kurtis, as they bring out a very different and ethnic side of you. And it’s a great change when you get bored of wearing the usual jeans and tops.

A student of St.Joseph’s College Of Commerce, Anindita Tiwari says, “I have to wear Indian outfits
to college. Plain kurtis go really well with white tights, black tights and even jeans! Commercial street is the perfect place for these kurtis and colourful yet comfortable kohlapuris.”

“A very common mistake youngsters who are about to join college do is trying too hard to fit in, losing their own style and identity in the process. Nobody is known for their clothes.

They should be particular about their personality and focus on how they deal with people, instead of
their wardrobe,” says Urbi Chanda, a graduate of School Of Communication, Manipal.

Trends in the fashion industry change very fast and to keep up with these by always having the latest collection in their wardrobe is quite a task.

While the thrust should be on dressing appropriately for the occasion,  most students end up shopping impulsively for whatever catches their eye. Despite this, they still tend to get confused.
Here’s the key — keep it simple and smile your best smile!