Newborn's mutilated body found in gunny bag

Newborn's mutilated body found in gunny bag

A newborn’s body was found mutilated inside a gunny bag after several vehicles ran over it on Kanakapura Road in Sathanur in the early hours of Wednesday.

No one has yet come forward to identify the body, which is of a baby boy, the police said. With the remains of the body and the identifiable body parts like fingers and nails, the baby appears to be one-day-old, the police have suspected.

The baby was wrapped in a cloth and was put in a gunny bag which was abandoned near a bush on the side of the road in Arekatte Doddi in Sathanur village in Ramanagaram district.

The police suspect that stray dogs could have dragged the gunny bag on to the road and it could have been run over by vehicles. While many motorists ignored the body thinking it would be a run-over animal and passed by, some motorists and passers-by stopped and checked the gunny bag and to their shock found out it was a body of a baby and alerted the police.

“There were no clues that we could get from the body, said an officer. However, we are inquiring at the hospitals and nursing homes in the vicinity to get clues,” the police said.