BDA to build 1-room servant quarters in its apartments

BDA to build 1-room servant quarters in its apartments

After constructing one, two and three bedroom-hall-kitchen (BHK) flats, Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) is now planning to build servant quarters for domestic helps.

The move is also aimed at clearing slums around apartment complexes. The BDA will first build one-room houses measuring 200-250 sqft in large BDA apartments and housing complexes such as those in Alur, Kommaghatta and Kanminike, which together have over 2,000 flats of varied dimensions. Besides, a provision will be made in its future projects to integrate servant quarters with apartments, a senior BDA official said. Construction of these one-room houses will commence immediately once the BDA board approves the proposal and issues an order.

“We are planning to construct 500 to 1,000 one-room houses. They will be similar to Mumbai’s chawls. These one- room houses are aimed at the economically weaker sections. They will be similar to servant quarters, where domestic helps can be accommodated,” said the official.

These servant facilities are likely to be priced between  Rs 3.5 lakh and Rs 4 lakh. Anyone can buy these units. The BDA, however, will give preference to economically weaker sections.

“These one-room houses will have to be maintained by those staying in them,” said an officer. Though these units will be constructed in the available space of the existing apartment complex plots, there will be separate entry and exit points for them. Officials said the idea was mooted by a top BDA official during inspection of flats constructed by agency. It was also proposed during the public interaction meetings held with the BDA commissioner, secretary and engineers.

Besides, the state government has directed the BDA to construct flats exclusively for the economically weaker sections. “We have also been told to provide housing to slum dwellers residing near lakes so that the catchment areas can be cleared and maintained.

Earlier, the state government had asked the BDA to provide accommodation to people residing near City railway station and help the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike and the Railways complete the eight-lane corridor project at Okalipuram. Back then, we were unable to accommodate them, simply because they could not be given one, two and three BHK homes at such low prices. But now, after constructing these one-room homes, many such people can be accommodated,” the officer said.