Monsoon's 'juicy' trend

Monsoon's 'juicy' trend

Citrus makeup

Monsoon's 'juicy' trend

Orange is the new red! No, this is not a pun on the American comedy series. We are just stating a fact — when it comes to the world of lipsticks, orange is steadily becoming the new red in terms of popularity and acceptance. Fashionistas have embraced this colour whole-heartedly, which is part of the new trend of citrus makeup.

For the uninitiated, citrus makeup is all about light textures and bright colour. It takes inspiration from the vivid orange of blooming gulmohars, the green of refreshing limes and the yellow of mangoes and incorporates them into your makeup routine.

Shalini Singh says, “It is a welcome trend. I was growing tired of pale lips and smokey eyes for every photo shoot and girls’ night out. No matter what your skin tone is, a vivid tangy colour instantly makes your face look brighter.”

While the bright colours are sure to cheer up even the coldest of hearts, there will naturally be an apprehension about their suitability on Indian skin. But Pria Sethi scoffs at this misgiving and says that citrus is a buzzword among women of all ages now.

“It is a myth that Indian skin tones have to abstain from flashy colours. Even celebrities like Sonam Kapoor and Radhika Apte are opting for these shades in their make up and it looked great. The key is to be bold and comfortable in your own skin,” says the freelancer and part-time blogger.

Getting down to the nitty-gritties, Pria explains, “These shades look cool in daylight. Also if you are using a shade of citrus on one feature of your face, keep everything else subtle. Highlight just that one feature.”

Though the fad does have its share of fans, there are others who are doubtful about its longevity. Isha Mistry is one of them.

The designer says, “It looks very pop-art type. And it is just one among 3-4 trends that go on in the world of fashion at any point of time.”

She elaborates, “People always stick to classics as they are a safer option. For example, nude hues will never go out of style. But bold colours like these are somewhat of temporary fads. But still, at the end of the day, it all depends on how good you feel. Still to be on the safer side, pair such makeup with neutral clothing — beige, black and white will be good choices.”
Don’t restrict this tangy colour to your eyes and lips alone, you can apply it as a blush as well. But if you are one of those who are averse to experimenting with their makeup, fret not.

“One can always add these citrus colours on your nails. Neon or lemon yellow,
shades of orange, grapefruit pink — one can experiment to their heart’s content,” says Shalini.

This is the one time where you won’t be judged for changing your colours so why hold back.