A touch of vintage luxury...

A touch of vintage luxury...

A touch of vintage luxury...
What once was antiquated is most certainly contemporary again, as designers around the globe are glorifying past decades by ushering in nostalgic silhouettes and inculcating retro finishes into modern day stylish luxury interiors.

The year 2017 has redefined luxury with design elements that tell a story of authenticity and timelessness without being flamboyant. Shag rugs, geometric-patterned fabrics, gold and brass accents and chrome detailing are the fresh overhauls in several designers’ portfolio.

Pushing the limits of innovation, let us contemplate the attributes of ‘vintage-meets-modern’ vogue that would help you get the look upright.

Pop colours

A theorem remarks to wrap the room in a palette of one or two colours and bring in bursts of punchy accents through art and accessories.

Balance, texture and proportion play an important role in making a small space work. For a cosy room that includes seating for a small gathering, careful consideration must be given to selecting appropriate sofas. Rather than a lot of furniture, each piece should be a standalone statement. Pillows and draperies bring in punches of colour. It’s a sophisticated palette that could be changed on a whim.

Retro accents

Understanding where to position colour and pattern. In order to get the unerring spectacle, it requires groundwork before implementation. Learn to balance, not only in the arrangement of furnishings, but also in the use of dark and light tones and patterns.

 Start planning the room by selecting the prime upholstered elements and then add in vintage and one-of-a-kind smaller pieces, like lighting and end tables.

Adornments of leather and velvet also complement the look. If you have a breakfast bar or counter, pull up a few bright-coloured stools or add new cushions to the ones you’ve got. Be consistent with colour and choose oven mitts, tea towels and even pots and pans that play well together.

Metallic fabric & retro velvet

Metallics are the new neutral. They’re the new transitional look; not modern, not traditional.

Cover the end tables or the plush walnut armchairs in a metallic fabric which could provide a mix of mid-century and contemporary styles that will complement the absolute look.

Another way to give a taste of the past to your modern abode is by putting in an inkling of velvet by either placing a velvet couch or by establishing a deep-coloured velvet curtain which would add a glamorous retro feel in combination with the pieces of art and lighting.

Add a neutral shag rug (because it’s the year of rediscovery!), as it is a versatile way to bring life into any room. Remember to never underestimate the impact of fabric.

Gold and brass underlings

Throughout the ages, gold has symbolised wealth and power, and is associated with extravagance, luxury and prestige. Don’t be afraid to be bold and use gold confidently. Gold and brass warm up a space and reflective surfaces bounce light around a room.

Using a few well-chosen pieces as accents creates a glamorous and affluent look. Consider bringing in brushed gold hardware, a few metal trays or a contemporary brass light fitting. A metal hutch, a bronze-and-nickel fireplace or upgrading a frame to an eye-catching gold finish will make it command attention and will give a contemporary spirit with an old world charm.

Mirrored furnishings

Mirrored furniture is the red lipstick of interior design; when there’s a need for a bit of glamour, it does the trick every time. It’s not vanity that’s made mirrored furnishings so popular, but expert craftsmanship and gorgeous design. In a mid-century modern kitchen, a stainless steel bar and mirrored open shelving can give the space a retro ‘70s feel. Mirrored pieces and metal accents give yesteryear vibes to the room. From tallboy chests and bedside tables to chest drawers and dressing tables, mirrored furnishing can create a unique, sharp and chic theme in any given room.

Vintage and retro interiors emit an old world vibe, but are never over-adorned. The consistent motifs always have character, depth and inherent glamour. The propensity of designers these days for pulling a number of visual motifs from the bygone century without hesitation or convention has created a feeling of familiarity. The newest incarnations in the design world have seen the feel of a number of key design periods from the past centuries and how we wish for them to stick around for a while now. Of course, with a few ideas and some effort, it is possible to wing it!

(The writer is design manager, Houssup.com)
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