The chocoholics' paradise

The chocoholics' paradise

The chocoholics' paradise
Craving a chocolate dessert with a twist and don’t know where to head to? ‘The Chocolate Heaven’ in Kalyan Nagar is the place for those with a sweet tooth who want to try some unique flavours.

Known for its waffles, pancakes, shakes and sundaes, the place focusses on serving everything possible under the sun for the chocolate lover.

“From our quickbites to drinks, everything has a tinge of chocolate in it, which makes for a unique format,” says Sreekanth Bonagiri, the manager.

Prepared in a novel way which retains their freshness, the cafe’s waffles promise to be a crunchy and crispy experience.

“We prepare them in a unique way which retains its freshness and makes it a more enjoyable experience,” says Sreekanth.

So how about a ‘Belgian chocolate waffle’ while you sit back and slurp up some shakes! 

To further the sinful experience, dig into their ‘Heaven famous pancake’, ‘Devil’s delight’ or ‘Double delight pancake’.

Shakes like ‘Ferrero rocher shake’ are worth a try. There are new additions to the menu like ‘Chocolate mudpot’ and ‘Monster brownie’, which have been finding favour among many.

The experimental foodie may also want to try out items like ‘Chocolate fondue’, ‘Chocolate shots’ and ‘Kiwi mocktails’.

If you are a coffee lover, opt for ‘Mocha latte’, ‘Mochaccino’ or ‘Hazelnut mocha’.

“From the simplest to the most complicated items, we try to keep our dishes different from those in other cafes by avoiding preservatives. For example, our chocolate sauce is homemade,” the manager details.

For those who want to grab a quick bite, there is a variety of garlic breads like the ‘Assorted cheese garlic bread’ and ‘Paneer cheese toast’.  Those who prefer digging into a pizza instead, there are plenty of non-vegetarian and vegetarian options like the ‘Paneer barbeque pizza’ and ‘Spinach olive cheese pizza’.

They also have creamy pastas like the ‘Fusilli cheese pasta’ and the ‘Penne spicy chicken pasta’ and other interesting bites like nachos and cheese fondue.

It’s probably because of the variety of options that the place sees a regular crowd of young professionals, families and couples.  

There are 11 tables which can seat around six people each.  The cosy ambience makes for a great
place for people to just sit back and enjoy their day out.

True to the eatery’s name, it is a one-stop solution for anyone who wants to dig into chocolates. You can also use the free Wi-Fi and enjoy the music. The cafe is located at no 420, VP Plaza, 4th Cross, 2nd Block, Kalyan Nagar. The cafe is open from 9.30 am to 11.30 pm.