A close shave with style

A close shave with style

Breaking the fad

A close shave with style

Till recently, the thick bearded look rocked the ramp and set television and movie screens ablaze. But like any other fad, this look is slowly fading away.

Thanks to the #Breakthebeard challenge that was initiated by cricketer Ravindra Jadeja, the young brigade has been taking up the challenge and causing a ripple affect.

The idea of the challenge was to go for a clean shave or sport a light beard. As if they were waiting for a change, many youngsters took up the challenge. Rohit Lohmod, a model, says that he follows fashion trends closely and the hashtag challenge made a lot of sense to him.

“The beard will not go away entirely but variations like the trimmed or the razored look are being sported by many now. Sometimes, a celebrity or a known face is required to break a fad and this came right in time,” he shares.

Going off the thick-bearded look can be quite a change, says Vrajesh Kumar Tiwary, a young professional.

“Youngsters are slowly stepping away from the beard as they have started realising that they look like copycats. Once the #Breakthebeard challenge picked up, everyone started sporting one,” he observes.

“Most young men follow Bollywood closely where most of the stars sport clean looks. This could also be a reason the thick beard is making an exit,” he says.

Now that the thick beard style is taking a step back, the lighter ones like the French beard, the circle beard and the stubble are making a comeback.

Kamal Kishore, an entrepreneur, says that the bearded look gives the person a mature look but doesn’t always work for all situations. “Not everyone can accept a bearded look at a client meeting. The #Breakthebeard challenge comes as a relief as the clean or the stubble look works great,” he says.

Not everyone follows trends and some like Navchetan Rai, a calisthenics trainer, believes that looks don’t define a person.

“The beard, which might give one a mature look, is not necessarily a great fashion addition. The beard made even Tiger Shroff look more masculine but looks evolve the way a person does,” he says. “A refreshed look changes one’s outlook. Change is necessary and this is where the clean shaven look steps in,” he adds.

A thick-bearded look doesn’t suit everyone, vouches Keshava Kumar, a fashion stylist.

“Some were just aping the trend as the celebrities sported them. Maintaining a good beard is a lot of work, while the clean-shaven look doesn’t take much effort,” he details. While the beard might give one a more ‘serious look’, it can also turn out clumsy, if not styled right.

“From the medium stubble to a goatee, facial hair is going through a sea of change now,” he says.

So, what you waiting for? Pick up the trimmer and make some heads turn.

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