KGF girl hit by car, battling for life in Nimhans

KGF girl hit by car, battling for life in Nimhans

Police reluctant to register case; victim develops complications

She further developed complications due to alleged delay by the Robertsonpet police to register a case against driver of the car which hit Sharada while she was on her way to school to write her annual exam.

The daughter of Govindappa, a ‘D’ group employee in the Robertsonpet Government Hospital, Sharada was crossing B M Road when a speeding car allegedly knocked her down. She sustained injuries on head, ear and nose.

She was immediately shifted to the government hospital by the passers by and the driver, along with the car, was handed over to the police.
When Govindappa, after admitting the daughter to the hospital, went to the police station to file a case, the police, allegedly succumbing to influence, refused to register the case. Govindappa said, the police suggested him to settle for a compromise with the car owner.

They let the car driver go along with the car, without even registering the case, he complained.

When the girl’s condition deteriorated, they shifted her to Nimhans where the doctors recommended them to admit in the government hospital back in Robertsonpet.
However, she began to develop complications and her nose started bleeding. While shifting her back again to Nimhans in an ambulance, Govindappa stopped near the police station and begged them to register a case.
However, he said, the police refused to budge even after looking at the girl who had slipped into a deep coma by then.

Disappointed, the parents rushed to the Nimhans, where the doctors expressed no hope. Ascites (fluid) had accumulated in her spinal cord.
When the parents again came to the police station and pleaded them to register a case. Finally, four days after the incident, on April 1 the police registered a case, but with a note that the complainants had registered the case after admitting the girl in the Nimhans. However, now, the car driver is absconding.
The hapless parents, who have already sent lakhs of rupees towards her treatment, are left with no hope that they would get justice.
DH News Service.