UP caste panchayat orders death sentence to lovers

UP caste panchayat orders death sentence to lovers

Couple on the run

UP caste panchayat orders death sentence to lovers

The panchayat, which was held in Khekra town in Baghpat on Sunday, has also ordered that the families of the lovers be socially bocotted.

According to reports one Jameel had eloped with a girl, who lived near his home, about 20 days back and the lovers later on got married in accordance with the provisions of the sharia (Islamic law). The father of the girl had lodged an FIR with the police in this regard.
While the family of the girl could not withstand the humiliation and left the town, Jameel returned to the town two days back and informed his family that he had got married with the girl.

He had also procured a stay order from the court against his possible arrest by the police.
Jameel also produced a ‘nikahnama’ (marriage certifcate’), reports said.

Angry over the marriage, an all-caste panchayat was convened which decided to ban the entry of the couple into the town. The panchayat ruled that the lovers be killed if they dared to return to the town. It also called for social boycot of the two families.

The couple is reported to be on the run following the decision of the panchayat. Sub-divisional magistrate V K Agarwal said that the matter was being investigated and stern action would be taken if it was found to be true.

Caste panchayats in Uttar Pradesh, especially in the jat dominated Western region, are known for their bizzare decisions.