'I wanted to study finance'

'I wanted to study finance'

Designer decoded

'I wanted to study finance'

For someone who got into designing purely by accident, Mrinalini Gupta has made quite a name for herself in the industry as a designer who is decoding Indian fashion in her own way.

Contemporary and understated, Mrinalini’s creations merge the vibrancy of indigenous crafts with modern textile.

With a strong belief that one’s clothes shouldn’t be stronger than their personality, it is no wonder that her creations are rustic and minimal and not rich and glamorous.

She was in the city recently to present her new Spring-Summer 2017 collection at a show by Collage Shop India and spoke to Rajitha Menon about the rise of comfort clothing and her journey till now.

How did you get into designing?

It was an accident. I wanted to study finance and applied to a bunch of finance colleges. I got through NIFT, which was the only other college I had applied to. I had always been interested in making clothes at one point, so I made a snap decision to get into this field.

How has your journey been so far?

It is exciting. Being creative is always satisfying so in retrospective I am happy I didn’t go into finance or something that is very streamlined. Fashion, or the creative industry as a whole, is great because you are always inspired or you make sure that you are always inspired.

How would you describe your designs?

I make comfort clothing. Everything from the textiles to the shades to the silhouettes is designed to make the wearer feel absolutely relaxed. I believe that your fashion or your dressing style should not overpower you.

Has there been a major shift towards comfort clothing in India?

Yes, because I think people are getting to know themselves. As people grow and evolve, whether spiritually or otherwise, they start to understand themselves and then there is a focus on being comfortable, spontaneous and natural in your clothes instead of forcing yourself into something that may not be your style.

Challenges that you have faced in this field?

The biggest challenge is constant growth and evolution so that you can constantly groom your design sensibilities and yourself. Everything else is great.

Tell us about your latest collection

In my latest collection, I work with a lot of handlooms and a lot of colours. We merged those two beautifully to create a lot of sporty styles as well as
saris, pants and more.

The entire collection is very natural with quintessential Indian colours.

One trend you wish had never come about?

Tapered pants! I hate tapered pants and I wish they would discontinue them as soon as possible.

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