Courses, careers and choices

Courses, careers and choices


Courses, careers and choices

Ali Khwaja

Dear Sir,
I am currently in the third year of Engineering (E&C). I would like to pursue higher studies in either Automobile Engineering or Mechanical Engineering. Which is a better option? I would like to start preparing as soon as possible.

Dear Mithun,
Electronics engineers are also required in automobile industries.  Since the industry is doing well these days, you may be able to get an entry level job in an automobile company after your BE.  Within a year, you will know which specialisation interests you most. You could choose from design, product development, production, quality control or marketing. You can then go in for higher studies in your area of choice, either in India or abroad.
Dear Sir,
I am in the second semester of Engineering at BVBCET. I have chosen Electronics. I want to know whether the marks I score in the semester exams are important while applying for higher studies?

Dear Sivakiran,
Most institutions do look for a consistent academic record and give preference to someone who has a good score in all semesters.  The same applies for some of the competitive exams such as CAT (where they take into account your marks in Class 10, Class 12 and graduation).  Hence, do focus on doing well in every semester, avoid repeating any exam, and also start narrowing down your focus in terms of long-term goals.  

Dear Sir,
I am a final year BA, LLB student interested in a career as a forensic investigator. I want to do a course in forensic science (not a PG diploma course). I know I cannot do an MSc in forensic science as I don’t have a bachelor’s degree in science. What are my other options? Do I have to do a BSc in forensic science? If yes, which are the universities that offer BSc in forensic science?

Dear Rakesh,
Starting with BSc and going all the way to post graduation in Forensic Science may be a long and hard journey.  You have already done a PG diploma in Law, and you can start practising law after your final year, joining a law firm that deals with forensic cases. Once you have gained experience in the field, you could go abroad to do specialised a short-term course that sharpen your skills further.
Dear Sir,
I had completed BE in Electrical Engineering in 2007 and I currently work as a lecturer. I am interested in Mathematics. I want to pursue a master’s programme in Mathematics. Am I eligible? If yes, what are the programmes available through correspondence?    

Dear Zuber,
A two-year MSc or MA in Mathematics is offered by many open universities through correspondence for graduates from any stream. Some of the prominent ones are Annamalai University (, Bharathiar University (, Bangalore University, Bharathidasan University (, Kuvempu University    (, Madurai Kamaraj University (

Dear Sir,
I am a II PUC student and I didn’t do well in my exams. I started this year with an aim of scoring 95 per cent to get admission into a good engineering college. But now I am thinking of taking a gap year. I am confident of scoring above 90 in three months (in the supplementary exam).  Would I then be able to get into a reputed engineering college? Is there CET counselling for students who appear for the supplementary exam?

Dear Zakir,
You can score high marks in your supplementary papers. However, it is a fact that seats in the good engineering colleges would be occupied by the time the results of the supplementary exams are out.  Assuming that you have applied for CET and other entrance exams, you can now spend  your time preparing well. If this does not happen, you can consider attempting the exam again next year and improve your marks while preparing for IIT-JEE, AIEEE and CET.

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