Greenbrrew: Turning you onto a green cup of joe

Greenbrrew: Turning you onto a green cup of joe

Greenbrrew: Turning you onto a green cup of joe

In the US, green coffee stocks rose for the seventh month in a row, as per data available till June 2017. In India, takers are increasing by the day. Experimental or simply curious, fitness-oriented or just looking for a refreshing beverage, green coffee seems to have an answer for all.

Greenbrrew is making it that much more convenient to consume green coffee by introducing it in the form of an instant brew. Launched in October 2016, Greenbrrew has built itself a market of young consumers, who lead an active lifestyle, and are enthusiastic about health and fitness.    
Greenbrrew founder Aditya Goel says, “While green coffee is a trend that is picking up across the globe, what we specialise in is instant green coffee, which makes it easy for preparation and consumption.” Greenbrrew is available in three variants — natural green coffee, strong green coffee and lemon green coffee — at an average price of Rs 335 for 20 sachets. Each sachet serves one cup of green coffee.

The company plans to launch two more variants by early next year. “We are already in the research phase, and intend to launch two more variants soon. We are working on chocolate and cardamom flavours of green coffee,” he says.

Greenbrrew is currently shelved at over 130 Baristas across the country, alongside some general trade and modern trade stores. While the company is in talks with distributors in Bengaluru and Mumbai to set up a robust offline presence, it is already available at up to 4,000 points-of-sale in Delhi. “We are developing markets in Bengaluru and Mumbai, but we enjoy great response from these markets in terms of online sales,” he says. 

The company has been clocking sales of Rs 10 lakh per month till June 2017, claims Goel. Apart from its product range, Greenbrrew is available as a brewed coffee at PVR Gold Class cinema theatres across the country. While, the company is open to the business model of serving brewed coffee, its main focus remains retail merchandising.

Apart from a burgeoning market in India, it has a growing market across Dubai, Kuwait, Philippines, Vietnam and Australia, Soon, it plans to launch its product range in Thailand as well. Within India, the company plans to expand its geographical footprint into Kolkata.

“Consumer interest and awareness are on the rise, so the potential market is huge. Besides, the health benefits of green coffee make it a natural winner. Come winter, we expect sales to triple,” he asserts.  

Goel did not express any plans to raise funds in the nesr future for the company that is currently bootstrapped.

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