Writer's terrace

Writer's terrace

Writer's terrace

You must read this poem

Hope is the thing with feathers

 Hope is the thing with feathers

 That perches in the soul,

 And sings the tune without the words

 And never stops at all

 And sweetest in the gale is heard;

 And sore must be the storm

 That could abash the little bird

 That kept so many warm

 I've heard it in the chillest land,

 And on the strangest sea;

 Yet, never, in extremity,

 It asked a crumb of me

 Emily Dickinson


Eyes, oh eyes,
you look so nice
you are in my face,
your colour is black,
In the middle a white spot
lookS different.
I can see  nature with  my eyes,
without you I can’t study.
So you are my best friend!

Sowmya L, III Std,  Sathwik Vidya Mandir, Goraguntepalya


I like God.
He blesses me always.
I decorate him with flowers,
I do pooja everyday.
Everyone likes you,
He gives us nature,
He gives us future,
That’s way you are great.

Sowmya L, III Std, Sathwik Vidya Mandir, Goraguntepalya

The Sun

Sun, Sun, Sun,
you look nice,
You are so bright,
Morning you come,
Evening you go.
You are life,
No one is like you,
you are good,
So I like you,
My friend is the Sun.

Priya Bharathi, III Std, Sathwik Vidya Mandir, Goraguntepalya

My Mother

Oh Mother,
you  are sweet.
She likes me,
She cooks food for us,
I will eat nicely,
She helps me in my homework
If I ask for anything, she never says no,
That’s why I like my mother so much!

Sowmya L, Std III, Sathwik Vidya Mandir, Goraguntepalya

The sky

Sky, sky, sky,
you are very high.
You are good.
Morning you are blue,
At night you are black
Clouds are in your lap...
Gives us rain.
We are grateful.
Sky, sky you are nice!

Arya RP, III Std, Sathwik Vidya Mandir, Goraguntepalya

My friend

I have lost a good friend,
I have lost a good friend.
She is in my dream,
She is in my heart;
But I never forget her in my life.
I liked her very much.

Ranjitha M, III Std, Sathwik Vidya Mandir, Goraguntepalya

A penny for a throne

Out of nowhere came Mr Cold
He yelled, “Get out of here you piece of Gold”
He was referring to the Sun.
Commanding him to flee and run.
“I’ll occupy your throne for my entire life,
and mind you, I can kill you with my knife.
“I will not flee” said the Sun
“Your knife is harmless as I’ve a gun”
Mr Cold said “Your time is up”
So get packing and do buck up.
The Sun retorted “You are wrong”
My era still lives nice and long
Day and night the two debated,
To go down to the other each one

Finally the Sun took out his purse,
and pulled out a penny muttering a wase.
Mr Cold this tribute is for you,
So please go away will you
So Mr Cold left with a penny,
Not knowing the throne produced lot many.
The time they fought is the winters heart,
The time they stopped is the summer’s start.

VR Chittaranjan, VIII ‘C’, Oxford Senior Secondary, Teacher, Teacher

You make school

so much fun,
You have time
for everyone.
You teach us whats
good, and what’s not,
so you are the
one sir love a lot

By Spoorthi


Man is dead without money!
No access to bread without money
Life is funny without money
Man is dead without money!
Money is as sweet as honey...

Man is traiting oneself for money
And losing self-dignity for money
Man is dead without money!
Some choose unfair path to gain

But some who choose honesty
& promptness
Will know the real value of money
Man is dead without money!

Arshiya Tabassum, IX Std.,  St. Joseph’s Girls High School,  Chitradurga.