Leave it to the ladies!

Leave it to the ladies!

Is it okay for the woman to make the first move? Metrolife gets some interesting insights

Leave it to the ladies!

strange A scene from The Proposal.

In fact both media and pop culture constantly project the image of the strong successful woman, who doesn’t even need a man (think Oprah? Mayawati?).

So has the female gender undergone so many evolutions in society, that they can become as aggressive in dating as they are in other aspects of their lives?

Apparently, the jury is still out on that though many people are convinced that asking a woman out on a date is still a man's job.

Given that women do enjoy romance and cherish the feeling of being pursued, can women really make the first move and still be considered ladies?

“Some women love the feeling of power while others like the old-fashioned approach and prefer to wait for the men to approach them — but at the end of the day, it's really all about personal preferences,” says relationship expert Nancy John.

“According to the old-fashioned values we were brought up on, men were expected to approach women and make the first move. If a woman took the initiative, one got the feeling that she was looking for more than just a casual date and a negative opinion was formed about her instantly. But times are definitely changing and today it is quite possible for a woman to make the first move and still be a lady. Many women feel free to express their needs, wants, and desires without carrying the baggage of someone else's antiquated standards,” says Cherish Tota, a young professional.

“Talk of gender equality! Women should exercise their freedom of expression and choice just as men do. There cannot be different standards between the ‘career’ woman and the ‘progressive’ woman. Why should a woman be considered immoral or ‘unladylike’ if she confidently makes a move on a man and honestly expresses herself? To me, freedom of expression is the key and I would definitely root for an emotionally liberated woman who is devoid of all  negative labels, guilt and conflicted self-esteem that the traditional double standard creates,” says Gavin Colaco, who works in an immigration company.

However, Sujith Nayar, a medical student, begs to differ, “Men for the most part like to pursue women. We like the challenge of not knowing if we can catch them and feel rewarded when we do. Especially when the chase is a long one. I also think that women enjoy being pursued and admired.”

 “Real feminine women have been making moves on men for centuries. And these are not ‘desperate’ women but strong characters who made history and changed the world. For example Cleopatra, Queen  Elizabeth, Catherine the Great or Liz Taylor,” says Nalini, a corporate groomer and trainer.

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