Let your child be adventurous

 A man who has more of male energy sees a mountain, wants to climb to the top of the mountain and hoist a flag. If he sees the Himalayas, he wants to go to the top of the Himalaya. He sees the moon; he wants to go to the moon. A woman is not interested in going to the moon. She says there is no shopping on the moon. So, what is the point in going to the moon?

Parents who have fine children invariably have children who have fine parents.
The mission statement of our organisation is, 'CANs create Success, CAN'Ts create Failure'. I have studied successful people and I find successful people always come from 'I Can'. I find always failure comes from 'Can't'. If parents find children not being creative, then they have to see that their action is the result of their thoughts. If their thoughts are in the nature of 'Can't', they won't be creative. So you have to change their thoughts. To change their thoughts you have to change their actions. Their thoughts come from their value system. If there is a value called 'I Can', then the thoughts will be 'I Can' and actions also will be 'I Can'. Then a person is creative.
You have to sow the value 'CANs creates Success', 'CAN'Ts creates Failure'. The child will invariably say 'I Can't mummy,' 'I Can't daddy.' Then you have to do what is called re-framing. You have to re-frame their thoughts and see through mental disability. Mental disability is more crippling than physical disability.

Empower your child by narrating real life incidents of powerful people.
I was reading a book called 'My left foot'. This was based on the life of a boy who was fully crippled but for his left foot while his brain was functioning. This person, in spite of his total immobility, was highly creative. He has written a novel and has also done painting. Physically, he is disabled but mentally he is not disabled.
Similarly, look at the great Scientist Stephen Hawking. He is physically disabled but mentally he is very creative and he is one of the greatest scientists of this century.
Therefore, you have to narrate inspiring real life incidents to the children and say more than physical disability, it is the mental disability that is crippling their mind which has the value system called 'I Can't'. You have to convert 'I Can't' into 'I Can'.
The moment you do that, you will find creativity opens up. You have to empower your child.           

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