Nithyananda's US donors want their millions back

Nithyananda's US donors want their millions back

A California-based devotee took mortgage burden of $2.5 million

In the light of the revelations made in the now infamous video that shows Nithyananda in a compromising position with a Tamil actress, one of the main donors, Popat Savla, an American citizen living in Montclair, California, has told Nithyananda's senior associates in no uncertain terms that he wants his $2.5 million donation back.

Some of the NRIs Deccan Herald spoke to are appalled at the manner in which they were cheated and are now planning to file complaints in the US against Nithyananda and some of his close associates, including T Dhanasekaran, alias Sadhananda, alias Aiyya, who, among other duties, was tasked with "de-programming" the mind of devotees.
Speaking to Deccan Herald over phone, Savla, a realtor, said: "After the video, which I am convinced shows Nithyananda having sex with a woman, I am now not inclined to believe some of his other fake claims he made to devotees in the US to give an impression he was in the same league as some of India's other more famous godmen."
Savla explained that during a 2007 visit to Montclair, Nithyananda showed interest in a 30,000 square feet plot of land over which there was located a Greek Orthodox church.
"He purchased the property for $2.5 million on mortgage which I took the responsibility of settling," Savla told. The NRI, who has demanded that the Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam return his contribution, said that other Indians living in California and other parts of the US, are now disillusioned and feel cheated. "All of us want our money, which is in millions of dollars, back," Savla said.

It is learnt that from his hiding place Nithyananda, till last week in Nepal, called up some of these rich Indians and tried to give them inducements to stay on with his organisation. The NRIs have told him in clear terms that they have nothing to do with his cult organisation.

What has hurt devotees in the US as well as in India are his "lies" and "fake" claims that he performed the Mahabhishekham at the Mahavira's statute in Shravanabelgola in 2007, that he was gifted a pair of golden 'padukas' by Sri Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi on Gurupurnima three years ago and that he was weighed in gold by Balagangadharanatha swamiji  of Adichunchanagiri Mutt.

When contacted, Shravanabelgola temple administration special officer Madan Gowda denied Nithyananda had ever performed the Mahabhishekha. Likewise, Adichunchanagiri Mutt manager Shivaram also denied the godman ever having been weight by gold by Balagangadharanatha swamiji. However, speaking to Deccan Herald, the seer admitted Nithyananda "met me several times".
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