It's not an arranged marriage: Manisha Koirala

It's not an arranged marriage: Manisha Koirala

It's not an arranged marriage: Manisha Koirala

Manisha Koirala

"Yes, I'm getting married to Samrat. He's from Nepal, like me. But please, it is not an arranged marriage," Manisha, who will move base to Kathmandu after the wedding, said.

"Yes, our families know one another for some years now. So there was a comfort level between me and Samrat for a very long time. Gradually the bonding grew from friendship to love. And when Samrat asked me to marry him, I agreed," she said.

Manisha returned to Mumbai from Kerala on Wednesday to the news of her marriage all over the place.

"I was totally cut off in Kerala shooting for Shayam Prasad's Malayalam film. I had no  idea my marriage plans were being discussed in my absence. Now I see dates and venue  in the papers. Like I said, the wedding is on June 19. It will take place in Kathmandu and will be attended by Samrat's and my close family and friends," said the actress.

Manisha, who entered the Hindi film industry with Subhash Ghai's 1991 blockbuster "Saudagar", will now spend more time in Kathmandu.

"That's where Samrat is based. He is into many kinds of business ventures including a project in alternate energy. So yes, one thing will change. Mumbai used to be my first home. Now Kathmandu will be my first home. But I'll continue to be a Mumbai girl at heart and will have a home here." So is her dream of a home in Paris over?

"No way!" said the fiery Nepali beauty. "My dream home in Paris has just been postponed for a while. Now instead of me alone, it will be my husband and I sharing a Parisian home."

In fact, the couple plans to honeymoon in France.

Speaking on her work, Manisha said: "I've been cutting down my assignments for a few years now. So it's not as if I've been working frantically. I will continue to do selected films after marriage."

As forthright as ever, Manisha volunteers the information that she broke up with her last boyfriend, American Chris Dolan, long ago.

"We split quite some time ago. But we continue to be friends. That's the way I like it in my life. Even when a relationships ends, the friendship continues. I don't like any  negativity around me. I'd like all my friends to wish Samrat and me a happy married life."
Samrat apparently is shy of the limelight.

"He had his picture removed from a social networking website as soon as our marriage  was announced. Samrat will have to get used to public attention after we get married," she said.