'It's patience that makes me go on'

'It's patience that makes me go on'

She is a popular face in the advertisement and film world. With an impressive kitty of Bengali and Telugu movies, along with many commercials for top brands, model-turned-actor Rachel White has broken the notion that models can’t act.

She is now all set to woo the audience with her new film ‘Jihaad’, directed by Agnidev Chatterjee.

In a chat with Surupasree Sarmmah, the actor talks about life in front of the camera.

You started your career with advertisements. What made you move to films?
I always had it in mind that I will switch to films someday. I was doing a lot of advertisements in Kolkata before I shifted to Mumbai but the entire process was becoming very limited and repetitive. I always wanted to do something which had the scope to explore my talent as an actor.

It was during that time when I met director Arindam Sil, who was working on ‘Har Har Byomkesh’, and I became a part of the film. I was appreciated a lot for my role and that was when I decided to take it up seriously.

You have been a part of the Tollywood and Bengali film industry too. How are these different from Bollywood?
I think Bollywood has very recently turned into making content-driven films. I can specifically talk about the Bengali film industry, which is a smaller industry but the content of the films are really good and soul-stirring.

Which is the most challenging industry to work in?
For an actor, it is the Bollywood industry that is challenging. Unlike Tollywood, where most films have an ensemble cast and the responsibility is divided, in Bollywood the entire responsibility to carry the film forward is on one person’s shoulders.

If not an actor...
I would have been a social worker.

An important lesson you learnt in the industry...
Patience is something I have learned after being in the industry. Sometimes when we don’t get the kind of work we are looking for, it becomes very frustrating. You feel like giving up but it is patience that makes me go on.

An advice that changed your life...
My mother still tells me not to be too hard on myself and enjoy what I do. These words keep me going.

A turning point in your life?
When I came to Mumbai, I used to go for random auditions. By chance I got an offer for a Loreal commercial opposite Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. A stranger to a city like Mumbai, this project came as a sign to me that good things are yet to happen. I think that was a turning point.

You will now be seen in the movie ‘Jihaad’ opposite Rohit Roy. How was it working with him?
Working with Rohit was a great experience. I have been seeing him since ‘Swaabhimaan’ days. My character in the movie has many shades and to pull that off was sometimes challenging. But Rohit was always there to lend a helping hand.

Any genre you would like to explore...

Any projects in the pipeline...
There are a couple of projects lined up for future. I will be working with Shiv Pundit on a movie but I can’t comment much about that at the moment. I am also going to be a part of Kapil Sharma’s ‘Love, Life and Screw Ups’, which is a sitcom web series. These apart, there are also a few Bengali films in line.

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