Sexual minorities in BC list likely

Sexual minorities in BC list likely

A final report on this would be submitted to the State government by this month-end.


A delegation of the Commission was on a visit to Muthanallur Cross, near Sarjapur ring road, on Monday morning to interact with hijras, kothis, jogappas and transgenders. According to Dwarkanath, “These groups faced an identity issue every day of their lives. They do not have ration cards, their names do not figure on the voters list and they lose out on numerous benefits provided by the government.”

Attempts to redress them were in the offing, he added. Steps are being contemplated to include them under one of these categories: Most Backward Class (1), More Backward Classes (2A/2B) or Backward Clases 3A/3B.

“More visits will be undertaken by the Commission to other areas and the views of many sought before placing a final report before the Commission and the government,” he added.

Akkai Amma, who spoke on behalf of the sexual minorities, said that lack of opportunities in the education and job market affected the progress of the groupings.  The three-member group which accompanied the Chairman comprised of M S Helawar, Yoganand Kumar and Guruswamy.