'Legislators need to be eco-sensitive'


'Legislators need to be eco-sensitive'

What are the problems faced in Karnataka due to climate change?

There is a steady rise in earth’s temperature. As a result, around 250 sq km of the coastline is in the danger of sinking, causing the fish to disappear.  There will be an ecological imbalance in the Western Ghats and the rainfall patterns will change affecting agriculture.

Why are politicians not working on environmental issues?

It is important for the legislators to show an interest in this issue and only then will the Executive take any action.  Without Government's help, it is be very difficult to for the two work together to make an impact.

What are requirements to stop the climate change?

Ecology must be recreated at rural areas through gram panchayat.  Widespread use of solar energy must be encouraged along with limited use of fertilisers to retain the soil value. The use of water must also be limited in ploughed fields. People in the rural areas need to be educated more on climate change.

A mass transport system with CNG must be introduced at Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore and Hubli.

What are your suggestions to the Government?

In spite of widespread protests for the upcoming Gundia power project in Sakaleshpura, the Chief Minister has laid the foundation stone.  The Metro Project in the City has claimed a number of trees, despite protest from green groups. Unless the Government listen to the public opinion and work together  our green environment cannot be saved.

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