Missed call love ends in murder

An unusual love story which began with a missed call is now ended with the murder of the woman who fell in love with a caterer.

Police had no clue when the body of a 38-year-old woman was found on Mallapur hillock on September 27. But when the district crime branch police took up the investigation the love story unveiled and they succeeded in catching the culprit.

Police caught Narayan Yalloji (39), who hails from Verapasandiram village in Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu for murdering the woman who hails from Achanur village in the district.

According to the police, Narayan Yalloji was working as a catering contractor in Bengaluru and a missed call from the Achanur woman in March encouraged him to hold frequent talks with the woman. Gradually both started to involve in regular conversation on phone and both fell in love. Achanur woman was already married and also had three children. Yalloji too was living with his wife and two children.

Police said, the affair led them to meet on Mylaralinga temple on Mallapur hillock on every Amavasya as the woman used to visit the temple on that day. He used to come from Bengaluru to meet her.

On September 19 too Yalloji came to the hillock to meet her. This time, the woman insisted on him to take her also to Bengaluru along with him. But he did not agree for this and both involved in a tussle. Angered over her insistence, Yalloji strangled her to death and threw the body into the bush. He fled the scene and returned to Bengaluru, police explained. Police were on search for the woman following the missing complaint from her family members. The body was found in rotten state on September 27.

Police achieved breakthrough in the case when they followed the mobile phone call list. They noticed the phone call received on her mobile phone from Bengaluru from an unidentified number on every Amavasya day. On the day of woman’s murder the tower location of the unidentified mobile number was in Bagalkot. Thus, the police traced out the culprit and arrested him. Police have produced the accused before the court on Wednesday. He was handed over to the police for further investigations.
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