Priyanka Chopra puts in her 2 cents on Harvey Weinstein episode

Priyanka Chopra puts in her 2 cents on Harvey Weinstein episode

During a chat on Marie Claire Power Trip talk session, Priyanka Chopra spared no expense at calling out sexism and harassment, not only in Hollywood (that the Harvey Weinstein episode has clearly brought to the limelight) but in every walk of life.

During the chat, Priyanka compares herself to a girl she saw, whose parents refused to give her education because she 'was going to get married anyway', making it a waste of money, and how deep rooted and normalised sexism is in the mentality of people.

Speaking on the Weinstein episode itself, Priyanka Chopra says that Harvey Weinstein is not just in Hollywood, but in many places, that it (sexual harassment) happens everywhere.

"It's not about sexuality, it's not even about sex, it's about power. I think it's about taking power and putting a woman in her place", she says. Priyanka says that it takes audacity for a man to overpower and intimidate a woman, and only by standing shoulder-to-shoulder can women overcome that audacity, adding that the world has become such that women have been told that 'only the best' will survive and only the best girl will get the job or the best things in life.

When asked about whether there is a Harvey Weinstein in India, Priyanka, commenting on the #MeToo campaign that took social media by storm after a Twitter post by Alyssa Milano, says that she feels that there are "There is not 'a' Weinstein, there are a lot of men (like Weinstein), not just in India but everywhere, and that they are trying to take away power from women", and that is an "isolating feeling".

Priyanka Chopra is currently filming the third season of Quantico for ABC Studios. She has also acted in Baywatch as the film's central antagonist. Her next feature presentation is a film adaptation of the play 'A Kid Like Jake'.
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