Renovation, the simple and easy way

Renovation, the simple and easy way

Renovation is a painstaking task and can be overwhelming for most of us. However, the entire process can be made more exciting by making wise choices. A thorough research and knowing what not to do will save money and time in the long run while making the whole process more enjoyable. One should consider all possible scenarios and be prepared for any unforeseen events. Here are a few tips that might come in handy:

• Aim high: A heightened home often gives off a luxurious vibe that many people yearn for without burning a hole in their wallet. Fret not, because attaining that look is easier than you think. Other than opting for floor-to-ceiling windows, colours can also be used to create the illusion of having a high ceiling. Use a monochromatic scheme, where the colour palette only uses one colour and the darker and lighter shades of that base hue. With this scheme, use the base shade on the wall, the darker shade closer to the floor, and the lightest tone on the ceiling. This helps to add visual headroom to any space. This can be done with any shade, not just the usual whites and neutrals.

• Invest in a paint that requires minimum maintenance: Juggling household duties and your job is extremely tough, but while there are currently no wall varnishes that drive pests completely away, you could opt for paints that have an anti-mould formulation or repels tough stains. The paints should include a unique formulation that results in cleaner air, with virtually no smell of paint throughout and after the painting process. These properties will help in creating a spotless environment to ward off those undesirable pests.

• Take risks: Many homeowners yearn for a cosy setup where they can relax after a long day. Some like it bright and airy (so, opt for lighter palettes like white and cream), whereas others prefer a darker space. If you’ve got a nagging thought at the back of your mind to opt away from the neutrals, be confident in your choice and take that leap of faith. There is a vast array of palettes available but people continue to doubt their decisions in the fear of getting it all wrong.

You can complement natural or earthy greens with more spiritual lilacs and purples to produce a rich and verdant collection of shades that will create a warm and calming space in the house. If you’ve always had an eye for rich colours, go for a touch of texture and penchant for patterns that delivers a unique touch and feel to interior walls. Let your walls stand out with this unique textured fabric effect, perfect to create an ambience of ultimate comfort.

(The author is general manager, decorative paints, South Asia Cluster, AkzoNobel India)

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