Comfort combined with style

Comfort combined with style

Comfort combined with style
For many years, some very fashionable people like Jacqueline Kennedy and Nancy Reagan never went shopping wearing regular clothes. They always wore track pants and comfortable zippered tops that could be easily slipped off in the changing rooms. And ultimately this was the inspiration for Athleisure.

Athleisure is all about comfortable clothing which are not structured or hard to wear. Things like tracks pants, T-shirts and jackets — but all made in non-traditional fabrics.

Designers use synthetic, silk, wool and luxury fabrics to create the kind of clothes that people can lounge about in comfortably. So that’s the definition of Athleisure.

Today, even big brands like Zara, H&M, Forever 21 and even a few Indian brands like Van Heusen have started creating the Athleisure category. You find a lot of three-quarter pants in comfortable fabrics, zipper-hoodie jackets and extra-long T-shirts that are very easy to travel in. It is very comfortable to wear Athleisure because it is not structured or hard to wear.

This category has become so popular that even designers have started creating collections around it.

Once the public wants a particular kind of feel or look, the designers begin to respond to it. Today, if you look at Japanese brands like Uniqlo, they create a range of clothes that you can actually go to work in.

They don’t make clothes that make you look sloppy. They use a lot of stretchy, absorbent cotton and luxury fabrics like wool and silk, to create the pieces. And people are beginning to appreciate the comfort of Athleisure.

I feel Athleisure is an evolution of clothing, where comfort is very important. You also have brands like Juicy Couture that create beautiful track pants and zipper jackets in velvet and garments in plush fabrics and bright colours. Sportswear brands like Adidas, Reebok and Nike have also begun to offer clothes that can be added to your Athleisure wardrobe. They make the mix and match kind of clothing that you can combine to create an individual and smart look. Bengaluru-based designer Sounak Sen Barat offers an eclectic range of athleisure for men and women.

Designers like to experiment with unusual colours in Athleisure. They use very fashionable shades like orange, mango fruity pink in women’s Athleisure. But in the men’s category, you find traditional colours like black, grey, khaki and a pop of colour like lime green and turquoise blue coming in to the collection.

Today, you will also find T-shirts that are very big and long. They go way down to the ground. You can literally wear it like a dress. I believe that clothes must not be so tight that they make you look like a hooker.

Clothes must be shaped and make you look very stylish, with nothing too baggy, shapeless or monochromatic.

Athleisure clothing can be accessorised with a sporty bag or a perfect pair of sneakers.

(Contributed by Prasad Bidapa, fashion impresario)

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