Kidnapped city siblings rescued from Tirupati

Kidnapped city siblings rescued from Tirupati

The Sanjaynagar police on Wednesday brought to city two kids from Tirupati, who were kidnapped from Bhoopasandra on October 25.

Namratha (7) and her brother Nameet (4) were handed over to their parents. Police are still searching for kidnapper Vinod.

According to police, the siblings were staying with their grandfather at Bhoopasandra. Vinod lured them by offering chocolates and took them to Yeshwantpur railway station. He, along with kids, took a train to Tirupati.

Prashanth, the father of siblings, did not find his children after searching the whole day. He registered a case at Sanjaynagar police station. Police after verifying the CCTV camera footage found the children with Vinod, the police said.

In Tirupati, Vinod met his neighbour Venkatesh. The latter questioned about kids and Vinod told him that they are his kids. Suspecting his behaviour, Venkatesh questioned the kids who revealed their identity. Meanwhile, Vinod escaped leaving the children in Tirupati. Later, Venkatesh informed the police, who brought the kids to the city, the police added.

Police have launched a manhunt to nab Vinod, who is also facing several robbery cases in Yeshwantpur police station.