Courses should suit you

Courses should suit you

Courses should suit you

Dear Sir,

I am a final year BCom student. I have decided to study MBA but I've no idea about the specialisation. Please suggest a specialisation that has good demand.



Dear Siddharth,

More than demand, you need to understand what suits your skills, personality and aptitude. In fact, it is better not to jump into an MBA just after you finish your BCom, because you will not know what to specialise in.

Most good B-schools insist on work experience to give admission. Hence, you may take up an entry level job in whichever area you have interest in, test out your abilities and
progress, and then prepare after a couple of years to get admission in a reputed institute for an MBA of your choice.


Dear Sir,  

I have completed my BE in 2014. But I haven't started working yet. Now, I am seeking to build my career. But people are saying that I can't get into IT sector because I don't have any work experience. Right now, I can't do my higher studies because of financial crisis. Please suggest relevant courses that can help me get an IT job.



Dear Chaitra,

Though you say that you have a financial crisis, you have not worked or earned in the past three years after graduation. Perhaps you need to look into the psychological aspects why, as a qualified engineer, you did not take up any job at all.

If you feel you do not connect to your area of study, you can take up an entry level job in any other field such as HR, Marketing, logistics, product development, customer support etc.

If you are keen on getting only into the IT sector, then you can take up a short-term vocational course in any of the IT fields that are in demand such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and software testing, and then apply for jobs, which should not be very difficult if you are willing to start at a lower level in a smaller company.


Dear Sir,

My son is studying in Class 9. He is excellent in Science but hates Maths. Interestingly, he scores good in both the subjects. Is there any course for Class 11, where he can choose only Science but not Maths?



Dear Rachita,

Many schools and colleges have started offering Science subjects without Maths, in ISC, CBSE as well as PUC. You will have to check with the individual institutions. Some of the PU colleges you can check are APS PU
College, Al-Ameen Pre-university College, Indian Academy Pre-university College, and SRN Adarsh
PU College.

On the other hand, if he scores well in Maths, see if he is willing to study it for two more years as it will give him a stronger foundation, and then he can move on to a degree course that does not involve Maths.


Dear Sir,

My granddaughter is in Class 12. She wants to become an IT professional and has taken up the
Science stream. She is quite intelligent. However, she now feels that she may not get a merit seat in a good college. On the advice of her friends, she now wants to take up Hotel Management. I feel that the course will not suit her as she is an introvert person. Please advise on the various options available.



Dear John,

If she is an intelligent girl with a deep interest in IT field, she need not give up her dream just because she may not be able to get into a top college. There are dozens of reputed colleges in the State that can provide a good education in Computer Science engineering, and then if she is ambitious, she can go for an MTech.

As you have mentioned, she should not take up a career that does not suit her personality traits and her basic capabilities. Tell her to take advice from knowledgeable people regarding career choices.


Dear Sir,

I am doing my final year diploma in electronics and communication. I want to do engineering in the same subject in a good college. To get into good colleges in Karnataka, I can write Diploma Common Entrance Test (DCET). What is the application procedure for engineering colleges outside Karnataka? What other courses can I pursue?



Dear Maheshwari,

Since you like your field of electronics, it may be better to get yourself a degree in that subject, which you can complete in three years.  It will be better if you aim for any of the reputed colleges in Karnataka since you may not be eligible in some other states, and some of the reputed all-India engineering colleges do not give lateral entry in the second year.

If you take up other courses when you finish your diploma, you will be able to start off with employment but may eventually hit a glass ceiling since you will not be a graduate.


Dear Sir,
I am a second year BCom student. I want to study law after graduation. What entrance exam should I take for Law? Is it necessary to join coaching classes for it?

A Student


Dear Student,

Graduates from any stream are eligible for admission in the three-year LLB course. Admission is mostly based on the marks in the degree and some simple entrance tests.

Since most reputed institutions like National Law School of India University do not offer the three-year course, you will have to take admission in whichever is the best local college available, and admission should not be very difficult.

It may not be necessary to join any coaching classes, but if you do wish, you can approach any coaching centre that is offering CLAT coaching for the five-year law course if they are willing to coach you.


Dear Sir,

I am currently in the third semester of Mechanical engineering. I wish to work in the Indian Railways. Could you please guide on how I should prepare for it?

A Student


Dear Student,

Employment at the officer level in Railways is the same as it is for other departments, that is, through the Union Public Service Commission exams (see

Exams for Class I services are held once in a year, and you should prepare yourself not only in your own subject, but also for general knowledge, current affairs, communication skills, and if possible about how the Railways work.


Dear Sir,

I hold a bachelor's degree in Mechanical engineering. My dream is to establish my own car company but I am not sure how to go about it. Please guide.



Dear Shafiq,

The first step could possibly be to work in an automobile company, even at an entry level and where you get an opportunity to explore different aspects of how such organisations work. Within a year you should be knowledgeable about which area of the automobile sector you would like to specialise in.

You can also consider doing higher studies in your chosen field. Once you have acquired sufficient inputs and skills then you can decide when to launch off your own company. Best of luck!


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