Highlighting opulence with furniture

Highlighting opulence with furniture

Highlighting opulence with furniture

When it comes to luxury furniture, the philosophy of 'less is more' is perfectly applicable. Instead of investing in over-the-top designs, choose products that celebrate unique, quality materials that help you tell a story. Instead of crowding out spaces with excessive pieces and clashing designs, invest in a few synergetic pieces. This has an uplifting impact on the living space and by extension on the people inhabiting it. Another important point to keep in mind when selecting luxury furniture pieces is that design for the sake of design is often vulgar. Luxury furniture should effortlessly incorporate ostentatious design with functionality.

Material matters

It is the materials and craftsmanship that make products stand out. Superior quality materials are like couture clothes, inimitable with a sense of being created specifically for your needs. This design philosophy should be embodied into every luxury furniture design so that the element has its own unique essence. For instance,   L'Opulence uses an amalgamation of raw materials ranging from leather, fur, wood and other fibres with the utilitarian aspect of furniture design.

The approach to luxury furniture design can also be two-fold. An essential thing is to conceptualise and plan your space before actually manufacturing furniture, keeping in mind functionality and comfort without compromising on aesthetics. One of the most popular pieces at L'Opulence is the 'Chaise Lounge', a truly unique piece that effortlessly marries the taught cracked leather with gentle hair-on cowhide to produce the most elegant lounging chair.  

The other aspect that differentiates luxury designs from the rest is the ability of luxury pieces to provoke an emotion or start a conversation. This has always been the constant factor in the works of some of the best designers in the world, whether it be Maison Valentina's 'Newton Bath' or the iconic mirrors of Christopher Guy.

Luxury furniture products should be designed to resonate the source of their inspiration. For instance, a popular favourite, the 'Chasm Table' is inspired by the Japanese tradition of Kintsugi that treats breakage as part of the history of an object, and celebrates these imperfections by using gold as a medium for repair. Beautiful grains of veneer along with gold foil make this table an object of glory for the living space. Blending the luxury of gold as a material, the table also adds a breathtaking touch of glamour and elegance to any living room.

The satisfaction of owning a luxury piece of furniture does not come easy. These pieces tend to be expensive and delicate, making their care essential and complicated. The best way to protect your precious decor items is to prevent damage. We would highly recommend picking up your furniture when moving it instead of dragging it. Or even better, get professional movers for the large pieces. For tables and chairs made from leather, ensure a pad nearby at all times to ensure no writing marks or cup rings affect your leather as stained leather is a  nightmare to clean.

Leather requires extra care. An effort should be made to clean all spills immediately. For overall cleaning, use mild soaps with no detergents, and remember to  never use water or chemical solutions to clean leather. Avoid cleaning products made of fur and suede with water too as this can permanently damage the material. These pieces should be dusted with a feather duster or a soft cloth regularly. If dust begins to settle into the fabric, it becomes patchy and is difficult to clean.

Wooden products are probably the easiest to clean but sometimes this becomes the very reason for their damage. Of all the products available in the market, polishes that contain detergents, emulsifiers and mineral oils are the most reliable. The detergent cleans the dirt, the emulsifier gives its body that lasts long, and the mineral oil acts as a barrier for dirt and moisture.

(The authors are principal designers,  L'Opulence)