'Acting is a dream come true'

'Acting is a dream come true'

'Acting is a dream come true'

'Acting is a dream come true'


Sometimes actor Ashika Somashekar finds it difficult to  believe that it is  all not a dream.
The fourth-year engineering student who always wanted to be an actor  often breaks into a smile when she  thinks of the movie 'Curious Cases of Yedebadita', where she will be portraying a village 
belle. In an interview with Tini Sara Anien, the actor talks about her journey so far.


What triggered an interest in acting?

I am a part of the Bengaluru Theatre Ensemble for the last one-and-a-half years and I have always loved acting. Whenever I would see someone on TV, I would imagine myself as that person and think about how I would react in the same scene. Acting is a dream come true.

Did you have any apprehensions about acting?

There was a lot of chaos in my head. Firstly, I had to convince my parents a lot. I was also initially worried as there was no one from my family in the film fraternity.  But when I realised that acting is what I really wanted to do, everything seemed fine.  

How did  'Curious Cases of Yedebadita' come your way?

I saw  a post on Facebook which was calling for auditions. I sent in my portfolio, I was shortlisted and thankfully got selected.  

How did you feel then?

I was very composed when I was in front of the director Ashwin Rao Pallaki and the team but I was jumping inside my head. I was excited and I don't think any amount of words will be able to explain the feeling.

The first schedule of the movie is over. How was the experience?

I play a village belle called Sangeetha.  I am attached to all my scenes and songs. Everything is so dear to me. I feel grateful for everything.  

How close are you to your role?

I am nothing like Sangeetha. She is a very subtle person while I am bubbly and lively.   Enacting someone  whose characteristics are nothing like mine,  was quite challenging.  Pushing oneself beyond one's comfort zone is what acting is all about.

Was it fun being on the sets of 'Curious...'?

I couldn't ask for more. It's like being with a bunch of friends. I have learnt so much on the sets.  

An incident from the sets that you  won't forget...

We had fun every day. A scary incident that happened when we were shooting at Kudremukh was  that there were a lot of leeches there. I started crying. It was really bad.

The different lessons you've learnt...  

I know a lot more about the nuances of acting and filmmaking now than I used to. I absorb things quickly. The homework one should do, handling that chaos on the sets and not judging a movie by just  what is seen finally on screen; I realised it all on the sets of this movie.

Where do you feel you will be 10 years from now?

I don't want to be remembered just as a heroine but as a good actor.