Auto driver cheats elderly woman, drives away with her belongings

Last Updated 14 November 2017, 20:24 IST

An elderly woman was cheated by an auto-rickshaw driver who drove away with her belongings after he requested her to push the vehicle following a 'breakdown'.

The incident happened on November 12 in Rajajinagar near D-Mart shopping mart on a service road.

Lakshmamma, the victim hired the auto-rickshaw after shopping provisions and ration worth Rs 8,000 around 12:30 pm from the mart.

The rickshaw had just moved on to a service road and stopped. The driver told Lakshmamma that the vehicle had some starting problem and requested her to give the vehicle a push.
When Lakshmamma got down and started pushing the rickshaw, the driver rode away with her bags.

She rushed to the jurisdictional Magadi Road police station and requested the police to show her the CCTV footage. The officers browsed through the footage, they saw the footage of her pushing the rickshaw, but the registration plate of the vehicle was not clear. They then checked footages from other CCTV cameras in the vicinity.

However, Lakshmamma left the police station without lodging a complaint.

"We called Lakshmamma several times over the phone. But she has not come forward to lodge a complaint," said a senior police officer from Magadi Road police station.

(Published 14 November 2017, 17:52 IST)

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