Industry leaders bat for more opportunities for women

Industry leaders bat for more opportunities for women

Industry leaders bat for more opportunities for women

As a flag-bearer for gender inclusiveness and women in STEM, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw on Wednesday reiterated the need for policies that encouraged equal opportunities for women.

At the Road to Global Entrepreneurship Summit held at IIMB, the Biocon Chairperson and Managing Director said, "It is important that girls are given the right kind of role models to look up to. Increasing women's representation in the political realm would reinforce their commitment to obtain equal rights," presenting key points for women empowerment in India.

Further, Accenture India Chairman and Senior Managing Director Rekha M Menon said, "At 27%, India has one of the poorest representations of women in the workforce. Women entrepreneurs are crucial in unleashing this potential. As business leaders, role models, and as employers, they can create the virtuous cycle that could be a multiplier for gender inclusive growth."

Rekha added that India's GDP growth could go beyond 9%, if more women would be accommodated in the work force.

Unfortunately, India ranks 139 out of 144 on economic opportunity and participation on global gender gap index, which is lesser than Bangladesh and close to Saudi Arabia that is infamous for denying rights and freedoms to women.

India does not recognise the women in unpaid labour. 19.6 million of women dropped out of work in India, between 2004-2005 and 20011-12.

With entrepreneurship as the focus of the summit, speakers and sessions keyed in on startups, entrepreneurs, investments and human resources as the pivotal elements.

Narayana Health Chairman and Founder Dr Devi Prasad Shetty opined, "As an $8-trillion industry, healthcare offers expansive opportunity for entrepreneurship and innovation. Entrepreneurs must leverage this sector for innovative operations."

As a precursor to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, which is scheduled form November 28-30, the 'Road to GES' set the stage for various topics for deliberation.

The upcoming summit will be addressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and will find participation from a US delegation, which includes Ivanka Trump, advisor to US President Donald Trump. Over 1,500 participants are expected at the summit.