Equip your skin for winter

Equip your skin for winter

Equip your skin for winter

During the transition from the rainy season to autumn and winter, the weather shifts from humid or warm to cool, there is sudden drop in temperature. This tends to make our skin drier, causing it to crack. This can lead to eczema or dermatitis, which is an inflammation of the skin. Even the smallest amount of dust can irritate the skin, since it is already in a dry and cracked state. The weather also takes a toll on the hair, making it brittle and lifeless. Dandruff (the flaking of skin on the scalp) is a common problem during this season.

Here are a few ways in which you can infuse life into your hair and skin:

Listen to your skin

Chose your clothing wisely, as the material of the clothing largely affects the skin. Very often the wool used in winter wear can also affect the skin. The moisturising element in the skin gets hampered, triggering dermatitis.

The ideal way to manage one's skin is to use best quality moisturiser. However, avoid heavy cream-based products if you have an oily skin, as these can cause acne or breakouts. Instead go in for water-based ones that are light on your skin.

Similarly, given a temperature drop, many of us stop using sunscreens. This is not a smart move, as even the slightest amount of sun rays can cause skin damage. So apply sunscreen irrespective of the season.

Another way to regulate the condition of your skin is to exfoliate. However, make sure you use gentle scrubs. It is also important to use soaps that maintain the PH balance of your skin. In terms of cosmetic treatment, there are certain meso-facials that help improve the hydration levels of the skin. Elements like hyluronic acid provide water content to the  skin.

Tress talk

When it comes to hair, dry weather increases the chances of dandruff on the scalp. There is also a change in the cycle of hair growth as well as an increased hair fall.

Specific ozone therapies can help reduce the dryness of the scalp and dandruff. Basic therapies and laser-based treatments like laser light or laser combs can also counter hair fall.

If you think oiling your hair excessively can help counter dryness and facilitate hair growth, think again. Too many oil massages can lead to dandruff and make your hair greasy. It is necessary to hold back the use of oil based on the kind of hair you have.

Healthy diet

As your body tries to adapt to the changing weather conditions, your immunity drops often causing digestive ailments. Taking care of one's diet is the first step to healthy hair and skin.

Easily digestible foods, which are packed with probiotic properties will help improve the health of one's digestive system. Around one to two servings of curd would be a good idea. The consumption of whole beans, chicken, fried and processed stuff must be curbed, as these put more pressure on the digestive system. To reduce the level of stress, consume at least five servings of colourful vegetables and two servings of fruits. Seasonal fruits  and  vegetables such as gourds, pumpkin, apples, melons, lime and oranges are the best sources of essential nutrients.

To boost your immunity and reduce the chances of acne formation, antioxidants and proteins are important. Vitamin D is also crucial, as helps in maintaining good hair and
skin health, so get as much of this.

(The author is the founder and managing director, Hairline International Hair & Skin Clinic)

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