Modi, unlike Manmohan, is not a nominated PM: Nitish Kumar

Modi, unlike Manmohan, is not a nominated PM: Nitish Kumar

Modi, unlike Manmohan, is not a nominated PM: Nitish Kumar

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Friday continued to sing paeans to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said he was not a "nominated PM" unlike his predecessor Manmohan Singh.

This is for the first time in recent years that Nitish, in an uncharacteristic manner, has taken a jibe at the former PM.

"Narendra Modi is a democratically elected Prime Minister, who has reached the top executive post after proving his mettle as Gujarat Chief Minister. The present dispensation is not like the previous regime where someone was nominated as PM while the leader (wielding power) was somebody else," said Nitish.

The JD(U) leader made these scathing observations at a programme organised by a private TV news channel here in the State capital. Giving his opinion  on the Gujarat poll outcome, he reiterated that the BJP will not only win comfortably, but its result will be better than that of the 2012 Assembly polls there. "Gujarat is the State which has given this country a leader like Narendra Modi  as Prime Minister. There is an emotional attachment of every Gujarati with his leadership. So mark my words, contrary to media projection (of Congress), the BJP is heading for a landslide in Gujarat," Nitish continued to shower praise on his new-found ally.

No PM aspirations

To a specific query, "Till Modi is there, how could his dream of becoming PM be fulfilled," Nitish retorted: "I never aspired to be Prime Minister. I know my limitations. Serving Bihar is also akin to serving the country. I am happy where I am, and don't give much credence to media speculation."

Replying to Bihar-born actress Neetu Chandra's suggestion for a Film City in the State, Nitish said, "A Film City is being developed in the foothills of Rajgir. Besides, a cricket stadium is also coming up in Rajgir, where international matches can be organised."