Alternative dispute resolution will ensure speedy justice: Lokayukta

Last Updated 18 November 2017, 17:31 IST

Lokayukta Justice Vishwanath Shetty said that an alternative dispute resolution system is the appropriate pattern for speedy justice as it ensures amicable settlements between two parties.

After inaugurating the valedictory of 'Sevegagi Samparka', a legal information awareness programme here on Saturday, the Lokayukta said that the alternative resolution system has advantages when compared to the normal judicial trial procedure. Under the system, there would be no requirement for any higher appeal. He added that Lok Adalat, arbitration or mutual consent, are priorities in the alternative dispute resolution system.

He called upon various stakeholders of the society to join the administrative set up for disseminating awareness among the masses about the ill-effects of social evils. The Lokayukta said that society should be the place where the drive against social evils and illegal activities should be taken up as the government alone is not able to disseminate the awareness programme.

He lamented that there had been an increase in the number of cases related to trafficking of women for flesh trade and children for begging. The Lokayukta said that there is a huge networking system that works in this direction. "Women and children are vulnerable victims," he said.

The Lokayukta said that he has instructed the police department and the Women and Child Welfare Department officials to collate data over the missing number of women and children and the number of those who have been rehabilitated. He lamented that the data comprises of details in the huge volume format and the extent of the information available shows the intensity of the crime taking place against women and children. Society has an important role to play and Constitutional privileges in the society must uphold the rights of every individual, he maintained.

He added that the legal service authority was set up at various levels right from the national to the district level to ensure that poverty does not come in the way of denial of justice.

"Justice is every man's right and there should be no obstacle in the process of pursuing legal battles," he opined. He urged advocates to uphold integrity and values to incorporate morality in the society. He added that effective administration is the need of the hour.

(Published 18 November 2017, 13:10 IST)

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