Stickers will now identify the real mattu gulla

Stickers will now identify the real mattu gulla

The School of Management, through NABARD project, in association with Mattu Gulla Belegarara Sangha Mattu, is initiating measures to help farmers growing the humble mattu gulla (mattu brinjal), to receive a fair price for their produce by restricting the different varieties of brinjal entering the market in the name of mattu gulla. The programme has been scheduled for November 19 near Mattu Bridge.

Mattu Gulla Belegarara Sangha Mattu Katpady president Dayananda Bangers said that the Mattu Gulla Belegarara Sangha has been promoting mattu for the purpose of uniting farmers and to help them gain bargaining power.

The Sangha president said that the Sangha got the recognition for mattu brinjal with GI Tag (Geographical Indicator) which boosted their confidence of moving ahead in marketing mattu brinjal positively. In the year 2016, the School of Management, Manipal University, identified Mattu Gulla Belegarara Sangha as a Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO) under the project proposed to NABARD.

The system got a transformation thereafter gearing up for the process of marketing of brinjal. In the financial year 2016-17, farmers, with the assistance of School of Management and their Sangha, could restrict the entry of agents from outside for selling mattu brinjal.

He said the process of grading, collection and demand creation was done scientifically and hence it was possible to derive a reasonably fair price for their produce. Approximately 30 to 40% additional revenue was derived in the year 2016-17 due to their systematic effort in selling. Now, it is proposed to sell mattu brinjal with its symbol so as to restrict the entry and avoid duplicate mattu brinjal in the market. Most brinjals are named mattu brinjal in the market irrespective of their quality and place of origin. It is known that mattu brinjal will not be grown outside Mattu village for various reasons beyond explanation. Hence, the use of stickers will surely be beneficial not only for farmers in getting a fair price but also for customers to enjoy the taste of mattu brinjal.

The activities are supported by the School of Management through NABARD project named FPO and other government agencies who have contributed their ideas in shaping the Sangha to come forward with such a novel idea, he said.

As part of the programme Sode Vadiraja Mutt, Udupi Vishwavallabha Swami will bless the occasion and release the stickers. Kaup MLA Vinayakumar Sorake will release the product. Sri Ramesh from NABARD and Horticulture deputy director Bhuvaneshwari will be the guests of honour for the programme.