It's November, but no sign of winter

It's November, but no sign of winter

It's November, but no sign of winter

It is November 20 and there still seems to be no sign of winter. In fact, the temperatures are two to three degrees higher than normal.

Officials of the India Meteorological Department attribute this is to  the presence of cloud cover and various weather systems.

Director in-charge, IMD, Bengaluru, Sunder M Metri said the cloud formation during the evening hours has led to an  increase in the temperatures. The northerly winds are also not prevailing in the region.

Metri explained that if there are no clouds, the maximum temperature would increase, while the minimum temperature would drop.

On Sunday, the city, till 8.30 am, had recorded a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius (three degrees above normal), while the minimum was 20.5 degrees (three degrees above normal).

Till 5.30 pm, the maximum and minimum temperatures were 29 and 20.5 degrees Celsius, respectively. The IMD officials have indicated that this could have an effect on the winter season, from December to January.

The weathermen said if the same factors continue to prevail all through the winter, there could be a degree rise than the normal.

The IMD has also forecast rain in some  parts of Karnataka over the next two to three days.

According to the IMD, there is a cyclonic circulation over the southwest Bay of Bengal and adjoining Sri Lanka and the equatorial Indian Ocean, extending up to 0.9 km above mean sea level. There is also a low trough at mean sea level from the Maldives area to the southeast Arabian Sea off the north Karnataka coast. There is also a cyclonic circulation over the north coastal Karnataka and neighbourhood at 0.9 km above mean sea level.

The IMD also forecasts that a fresh low-pressure area is likely to form in the north Andaman Sea.