Small mercies

Small mercies

I thank God for small mercies. I hear tiny birds chirping, crows cawing and squirrels screeching early in the morning when I wake up. I look through the window and see a squirrel gnawing at an unripe guava in the garden. I smile to myself and feel happy that we are still left with some pleasant things in this world.

I pick up the newspaper and glance at the headlines. Death, rape, murder, terrorism, politics! No, I shall not go deep into it. It will ruin my day. I would rather search for some positive news to keep myself engaged. I pick up the newspaper again and go through all the leisure activities. The Word Jumble, Sudoku, Beetle Bailey, Marvin, Blondie, Moose and Molly, Peanuts. Next comes solving the Scrabble, Crossword, Hitori and Kakuro.

I try my best not get into the details of unpleasant news stories. The headlines are sufficient to keep me abreast of it all. I won't say that I shun advertisements but aren't they becoming too many these days? We see enough of them on the TV. Maybe the creativity that goes into these ads sometimes amuses us. But too much is rather brain draining!

Good, we are entitled to our supply of water at least on alternate days. How long will this 'boon' be bestowed upon us, only God knows! I get back to the kitchen and engage myself in deciding what to have for breakfast and lunch. I once again smile to myself as there is no power cut. I hear the gate creaking. My domestic help has arrived. That is another welcome presence for the day. I can relax with my computer now. I let her do her morning chores, while I pick up a bag and go out to buy vegetables. A pourakarmika is sweeping the road. I smile at her and she smiles back. She tells me that she has received her salary that was due for three months. That makes me feel nice again.

As I cross the road, I am compelled to glance at the corner to see if the garbage mound has been removed. Yes, it has! I am elated. I buy a few vegetables and feel really happy when I find out that the prices of a few veggies have come down. The cauliflowers look healthy. I go around Sankey tank for a walk and a number of pigeons flutter across.

The tank is full up to the brimat my house. This makes me happy though the incessant rains during the past few months had dampened my spirit. Two little children from a low-income family come running to me to tell me that they have been enrolled into the school where I had taken them and their mother a few months ago. They tell me that they have got their books and uniforms, too! What more do I want to make my life happy? The day seems perfect. These are the small mercies that make life worth living.