Leopards spotted in TGR

Leopards spotted in TGR

Leopards spotted in TGR

Leopards are the new guests at the Tippagondanahalli reservoir (TGR) area. The reservoir staff say that they spotted the wildcat on every alternate evening in the past 10 days.

After the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) decided to resume water supply from the reservoir, the staff have taken up repair and maintenance work. It's during this time that they have spotted the leopards.

One of the staff members said that he had seen the leopard many times during late evenings and there were cubs also with the wildcat.

"I have spotted them many times in the past one week. But they have not attacked us till now. Although we don't work during the late evening, there are people who work round the clock to guard the dam and the filter house. There is always an element of fear," the worker said.

Varun Kumar, range forest officer, Kaggalipura said he received phone calls from the BWSSB engineer about the presence of leopards.

"Leopards are more scared than the humans when they come in conflict. There must be around two leopards which might have come from the Savanadurga forest range as the Magadi and the Basavanathara forest are the leopard corridors. They might have come in search of food and dogs are easy preys, Varun Kumar said.

"We have kept a cage with a stray dog as a bait to attract the wildcat. As there are many stray dogs in the TGR, they have smelt them. Normally leopards move on. We will wait and watch for another 10 days," the forest officer added.

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