Victims need time to overcome trauma

Victims need time to overcome trauma

Blast near the stadium: Cricket buffs in a tizzy

Victims need time to overcome trauma

 Police Commissioner Shankar Bidari inspecting a piece found near the bomb explosion site on MG Road in Bangalore on Saturday. DH photo

“After this incident, I don’t think I will ever watch any match in any stadium,” said Balaji, who had come to watch the IPL match. The incident has caused him a deep shock, he said.

Dushyanth (14) had come to the stadium with his father Naresh. He was treated as out-patient in Mallya Hospital. Naresh said it will take some time for him and his son to get over the incident.  "We were all excited about watching the match. We heard a loud noise even as we were entering the stadium.”

Shock and pain

Jayanth Kalanje, an employee from Cerner India said his friend was the last person among their group to enter the stadium.  "We were 15-20 of us and as Manjunath was entering, we heard a loud noise.  I don't think we will watch today's match, "he lamented.

 Shock and pain reigned at the City’s Mallya Hospital, where eight of the persons injured in the blasts near Chinnaswamy Stadium were admitted on Saturday noon
Head Constable M Srinivas Murthy had a six-inch long injury on his scalp. Casualty Medical Officer of the hospital Dr Nancy said the injury requires sutures. Srinivas will have to undergo a CT scan and be under observation for some time, she said.

Mehboob and Rahul stadium security men from Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) had also suffered minor head injuries. Three constables - Diwakar, Ravi and Mahesh were among the five who suffered temporary hearing problem. Veeranna, a police constable who was injured in the blast said he had no hearing in his right ear. "I was standing along with other securitymen for the usual checking. Around 3:25 pm I heard the blast. Since my head was very close to the compound wall, I suffered injuries," he said. Two patients- Madhu and Keshav - had come to watch the match.

There were nine others who were treated at the OPD including three police constables, Bhagavan, Veeranna and Munirathnamma.  Others were Balaji,  Manjunath Srinivas, Sharath Babu, Dushyanth, Ravi and Santosh.  Fifty-five-year old Santosh arrived at the hospital with blood stains on his Royal Challenge jersey. “As I was entering Gate 12 of the stadium, I heard a loud noise accompanied by dust. Splinters came flying at me,” he said showing the injuries on his abdomen.