Staff: BMTC diverting insurance money

Staff: BMTC diverting insurance money

BMTC employees have charged  that the money deducted from their salary towards insurance have not been paid to the Life Insurance Corporation for  the past six months.

"There are 34,281 staffers in the corporation. Deductions are made in their salary every month towards insurance. Totally, the corporation deducts
Rs 3 crore, but the money is being spent for other purposes," said H V Anantasubba Rao, general secretary, KSRTC Staff and Workers' Federation.

'This is misuse'  

According to Rao, the  employees have received text messages on their phones, stating that the insurance payments have not been made. "This is misuse. The BMTC should make payments to the LIC immediately and pay any fines incurred due to the delay," he said.

Noting that the employees will not get insurance if the policy is allowed to lapse, he said the LIC will reject claims made by them. "Then, the BMTC should settle the claims," he has written to BMTC managing director, V Ponnuraj.

RTI activist Srinivas said it was not the first time that the BMTC has diverted the insurance money for other purposes. "The corporation is running on losses for several years now. They are playing with the lives of employees by not making insurance payments," he said.