'Availability of water will be world's biggest challenge in future'

'Availability of water will be world's biggest challenge in future'

'Availability of water will be world's biggest challenge in future'

"Knowledge has a half life, so keep learning throughout life. That is the only way to ensure knowledge will not become obsolete. If you want to succeed in life, keep learning all the time from your colleagues, from your friends, from your juniors and tomorrow even from your children," advised Professor of IIT Madras, Dr Ashok Jhunjhunwala to the graduating 2017 batch of students of Manipal University on the last of the three-day 25th Convocation at KMC Greens.

Dr Ashok Jhunjhunwala was also former principal adviser, Ministry of Power, Coal, New and Renewable Energy, Government of India.

Dr Jhunjhunwala said, "You are fortunate to learn from the internet. The day you stop learning, you will become obsolete. You are fortunate to graduate when our nation is poised to grow out of its past and become a stronger nation. Each of you will indeed enjoy this, but have a special role to play and owe a great responsibility in getting us there."

"You are walking into the beginning of this transition. The knowledge and skills honed by this institute could make a difference. Robotics, 3D-manufacturing (also called additive manufacturing), nano-materials have all arrived and is going to transform the society. There will be many occasions in the future when you will find that all you have learned here, in the class and outside, to be very useful," he added.

"There will be many-many challenges as you walk into the future. A lot many changes will happen all around. Do not just watch these changes happen. Drive them. You will personally be successful and the nation will benefit immensely. Manipal University will be proud to see its alumni drive such changes," he said.

"There will be lots of challenges and problems. One of the biggest problems that you will face in the near-future is water-problem. Availability of water will be probably the world's biggest challenge. And India will face this faster than others. The only way out is to recycle every drop that we use. If we do not solve the problem, you could see water-wars in your lifetime," he predicted.

"Another related problem, especially for India, will be India's waste disposal. Swatch Bharat will remain a slogan if technologies and processes are not developed and used extensively. Quick-fixes will not work. The world has to become truly sustainable. It will be a great challenge," Dr Jhunjhunwala said.

On the last day, 1269 graduates were awarded certificates. Two students, Sunaina Puri from Manipal College of Dental Sciences and Malshe Rohit Sanjay from Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration received the Dr TMA Pai gold medals. Also, 36 scholars were awarded PhD degrees.