Musharraf may sue UN panel that looked into Bhutto murder:Aide

Musharraf may sue UN panel that looked into Bhutto murder:Aide

Musharraf may sue UN panel that looked into Bhutto murder:Aide

"In the report, Musharraf has not been accused personally but it has been mentioned that his government failed to protect Benazir Bhutto," Chaudhry Fawad, a lawyer for Musharraf, told 'The News' daily.

During a news conference, a member of the UN commission mentioned Musharraf's name while responding to a question.
Fawad said Musharraf's legal team will seek an explanation from the UN commission whether its member intentionally named the former President or uttered his name unintentionally.

"If the UN commission member unintentionally mentioned the name of the former President, no action would be taken but if he did so intentionally the former President would move the International Court of Justice against the UN commission," Fawad said.
Musharraf -- who has been living abroad since April last year -- had received the UN panel's report and studied it, he said, adding the former President was consulting his lawyers in Pakistan and abroad in this regard.

The UN commission's report has indicted the previous regime led by Musharraf for failing to provide effective security to Bhutto despite numerous reports of threats to her life.
The report also found numerous faults with the investigation into Bhutto's assassination in a gun-and-suicide attack on December 27, 2007.

Musharraf's aides have passed the buck to the current authorities regarding the findings of the UN commission, saying its report is a serious indictment of the government while there are just "passing remarks" about Musharraf.

The former military ruler's spokesman Mohammad Ali Saif said the media is only highlighting mentions of Musharraf in the report for unknown reasons while the "main charges" have been levelled against the government.

Though most analysts believe Musharraf is likely to delay his return to Pakistan following the release of the UN panel's report, Saif is hopeful that the former President will come back when conditions are "suitable" for him.

So far, three FIRs have been lodged against Musharraf, the most serious being the one registered in Quetta on the orders of the Balochistan High Court on the charges of murdering nationalist leader Nawab Akbar Bugti.
"There is nothing against Musharraf in the UN report as the remarks about him are just passing remarks," said Saif.

He said Musharraf was busy with lecture tours and would return to Pakistan to take over the command of his party when conditions are suitable.
However, he refused to give any timeframe for Musharraf’s return.
Musharraf, who left Pakistan nearly a year ago, is trying to get his political party, All Pakistan Muslim League, registered with the Election Commission.