Talent matters, not scope

Talent matters, not scope

Dear Sir,

I am a Class 11 student and have taken up Science stream. I aspire to become a psychologist, but I fear there are less opportunities for me in India. While I plan to study my BSc and MSc in Bengaluru, I am not sure if I should go abroad to obtain my PhD in Psychology. Could you let me know which countries have scope for Psychology?


Dear Aurora,

Glad to see your interest in human behaviour. It is an evergreen field, though it may not be financially as rewarding as some other careers. Once you acquire your Masters from a reputed university, you can take up employment or internship in an organisation that is working in the field of Psychology you are interested in like marital, industrial, children, career or addiction.

Employment opportunities are continuously increasing in each of these areas. Enroll for PhD only after gaining some work experience and when you are sure about
your specialisation. You can decide at that juncture whether you would like
to study in India or

Dear Sir,

I am studying in Class 12 and have opted for Science. I am planning to change my stream to Commerce as I find it more interesting. Can I shift to Commerce
for my undergraduate studies? Please inform about the colleges that offer quality Commerce education at the UG level. I would like to do an MBA as well. Please guide.


Dear Anusha,

You can get admission to BCom after taking up Science in Class 12. But ensure that you know everything about the Commerce field and what specific area you would like to work in. Read Class 12 Commerce textbooks.

Most reputed degree colleges offer BCom and their cut-off varies from year to year. It is better to check out with them when it is time for admission. It is better to do MBA after you have gained work experience.

Dear Sir,

I am II PUC student. As I am not interested in a career in the field of Science, I took up the Commerce stream. Now, I am interested in studying English literature. However, I am unclear as to what career opportunities I may get after studying English. Some are insisting that I continue with Commerce as it has more scope. Do let me know about the career opportunities with a degree in English literature.

A Student

Dear Student,

There is nothing preventing you to move from Commerce into literature, but as you have mentioned, you should be clear about your job opportunities. Don't go by general advice of 'scope'. If you are good at something you will be able to make a success of your job, which can be in journalism, writing, documentation, translation, advertising, Big Data, to name just a few.

Dear Sir,

I scored 91.5% in Class 12 and I am now studying Mechanical engineering. But most of my relatives have advised me to take up Electronics and Communication. However, I am unsure. Could you let me know about the scope for Mechanical engineering?

A confused Student

Dear Student,

Please do not make your career plans based on 'scope'. Scope for any field keeps changing frequently and you will be working for 40-50 years in the career you select. If you are good at what you are doing you can progress smoothly. And you may be living in one country and working for an organisation in another country. Go by your aptitude. Mechanical engineering is more hands-on, people-oriented and based on Physics. Electronics is math based, requires good concentration, and analytical skills. If unsure, get an aptitude test done.

Dear Sir,  

I am studying BCom. Simultaneously, I am doing Company Secretary (CS) course. However, I am interested in photography. Now, I am stuck in a dilemma on whether I should continue with CS or take up photography. I am planning to buy a DSLR camera. I am afraid that if I buy a camera, I may neglect my studies.  How can I strike a balance between my studies and passion?

A student

Dear Student,

I agree that your interests and studies are in a very wide range, and you will have to make a choice in one of the two directions. Since you are already studying Commerce and Company Secretary course, it may be better to focus on those studies, since hard work is required to succeed.

There is nothing stopping you from taking up photography if you do not want to pursue a career in the field of CS. If you have talent, you can build up your creative skills and become a successful photographer. Otherwise, you can keep photography as a hobby and part-time vocation and continue in the field you are already qualified.

Dear Sir,

My 18-year-old son is studying in II PUC with Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology as his electives. Though he took up that stream on his own, he is very playful and not serious in studies. What are the courses he can take up, apart from engineering, upon completion of his studies? Additionally, what is the scope for the course?


Dear Suma,

Please monitor his marks in the Science subjects he has chosen, so that you will know his capabilities. If he is intelligent and even with minimal studies he is scoring well, he can continue in the field of Science by taking up courses in fields such as engineering, pure sciences, medical, paramedical, or data sciences. If he is not scoring well, then it will be better to assess his strengths, that is, is he people-oriented, is he creative, can he convince others, does he have talent in languages, etc.

The career decision should be taken based on his skills and aptitude and not on the scope of any field. There is no point in taking up a career which has a good scope if he does not have talent and inclination, because he will not be successful or happy.

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