Manushi effect: Haryana villages gives thumbs down to celebratory firing

Manushi effect: Haryana villages gives thumbs down to celebratory firing

It began in Manushi's ancestral village Bamnoli in Jhajjar district.

The panchayat resolved to ban celebratory firing during weddings to commemorate the rare feat of its daughter Manushi.

In many parts of the state, celebratory firing is not only quintessential to the flavour of a wedding but is also flaunted as a status symbol.

There have often been tragic instances where celebratory firing during weddings accidentally claimed the life of a guest.

Reports of gun-totting guests at marriages firing are common.

The panchayat also resolved not to organise weddings at night, banning loud music, disc jockeys and consumption of liquor at marriages.

A source said the decision will be applicable to 11 villages covered under the panchayat dominated by Chhillar and Chhikara gotras.

Village sarpanch Naresh Chhillar said he believes the decisions will go a long way in altering the mindset of the people in the hinterland.

He said brawls during marriages will decrease and there will be harmony in villages.

Manushi has so far not visited the village, but the residents hope she will soon visit them.

The flip side, however, remains. Such decisions are hard to implement even as the diktat's by Khap's arguably find easy acceptance with people, willfully or by fear of being ostracised.

The panchayat, the source said, has so far not decided on the steps to ensure that its decision is implemented.

Members say they would reach out to violators, if any, and counsel them to adhere to the unanimous decision of the panchayat.

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