How to rent furniture online

How to rent furniture online

How to rent furniture online


Do you want all your state-of-the-art decor musings and wishlist wonders to adorn your home? Whether you're moving to a new residence or refurbishing your space, rental furniture is a great steal for a contemporary home.  

Give your home an aesthetic makeover that's easy on the pocket, while indulging in the season's hottest trends. With convenient rentals at your doorstep, embrace the much-needed revamp, but keep these pointers in mind when renting furniture online to keep any design dilemmas at bay.

Budget, space & requirement

Keep a rough outline of your space in mind before renting any pieces, be it big or small. If you're not sure about the space specifications of the product and wondering if it will fit in your home, you can always seek help from Pinterest or any other design app. It will help you model your space wisely. At the same time, leave enough room for other elements in the space. Additionally, refine your choices by focusing on what you need as opposed to what you want, this eliminates impulsive purchases.

Versatile furniture

Furniture is always a bigger investment than most consumer durables and requires a lot of thought and planning. Whether space is large or small, it is the furniture that defines your abode and transforms it into a home that you want. Today, with rising skyscrapers and limited spaces, multi-functional pieces are economical options chosen by customers. Invest in a statement piece that will accentuate your nest and come in handy as well. Think a la mode trunks alternating as chic coffee tables and a trousseau trunk or statement sofas that welcome visitors by the day and becomes a cosy bed at night.

The right marketplace

Bespoke, luxury or economic rentals, always do due diligence on the reputation of the company you will be renting from. The quality and craftsmanship of the furniture are crucial as it reflects your personality. Moreover, it determines how immune it might be to scratch and spoil. Choose a good brand. The right brand helps you sail through your rental journey from the beginning to the end of your rental agreement. The right company makes refurbishing  a hassle-free and a delightful experience. Look out for brands that also offer an array of customer-friendly options like design experts, quick delivery and free assembly to eliminate a cumbersome process and elevate your experiential experience.

Happy designing!


(The author is interior
design expert, Pepperfry)