Stage set for Deccan Herald theatre festival

Stage set for Deccan Herald theatre festival

Stage set for Deccan Herald theatre festival

The concept of a theatre festival in the city was pioneered by Deccan Herald three decades ago. Over the year, the festival has grown to become an iconic event in Bengaluru. Through the theatre festival, Deccan Herald encourages and promotes the city's talent, and provides a unique experience to theatre enthusiasts in Bengaluru.  

The opening production QTP's "Mother Courage and her Children" is written by one of the greatest playwrights in the history of theatre - Bertolt Brecht. Set in an unnamed future but relevant now more than ever, the stellar cast will take you on a journey of survival and hope in the toughest of times. This Mumbai-based theatre group, led by Quasar Thakore Padamsee, is known for their lavish productions and epic performances and the central character of Mother Courage is played by none other than Bangalore's own Arundhati Nag.

Closer to home is Girish Karnad's masterpiece "Boiled Beans On Toast", a contemporary theatre production that promises to reconnect us with the city that we have chosen to call home. The metamorphosis of Bangalore is compellingly told through the lives of some of its citizens. Cutting across age, caste and class this production is directed by Prakash Belawadi who is best known for his work on both stage and in film.

Another much looked forward to play is theatre and film director Pawan Kumar's "The Woman in Me." Best known for his crowdfunded film "Lucia" and more recently 'U Turn', his prowess in the theatre is matched only by his innovation in cinema. "The Woman in Me" hits you with its stark reality and dwells on how, sometimes, even the most progressive and liberal among us can be confronted by a startling new voice.

In the midst of all ruminations about life, Tahatto's play "A Funny Thing Called Life" is a comedy! It reminds you of the times life has used us as the punchline in various situations and tells us that life is a bittersweet comedy

Vandana Prabhu's "A Little Calm Before The Storm" is a different kind of comedy. Played out between three actors best known for their roles as Hitler, this play is delicately layered with dark humour. It tells us to laugh at everything, including theatre!

Deccan Herald Theatre Festival 2017 opens on 3 December at Chowdiah Memorial Hall.

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