Varthur lake breaches once again, thanks to BBMP's negligence

Varthur lake breaches once again, thanks to BBMP's negligence

Varthur lake breaches once again, thanks to BBMP's negligence

Waste weir breach was once again reported in Varthur lake on Thursday due to engineering negligence and lack of coordination between the BBMP and the Bangalore Development Authority.

On Thursday morning, local residents noticed water from the lake overflowing into the waste weirs, as the sandbags stacked on the Varthur village side was ineffective in preventing the drain.

Observing the lake gradually bleeding dry, locals were quick to alert the citizens and the authorities concerned.

Members of the Whitefield Rising said the lake had also breached a month and a half ago. The BBMP is carrying out road work in Varthur Kodi close to the lake bed and stacked a wall of sandbags 20 days ago to prevent the lake from draining.

The road-widening work is taking place on the waste weir and the authorities had dyked up the lake's north-eastern side. This seemed to have increased the pressure on the south-western side of the lake facing up to the village and caused the breach.

The same side of the lake had breached during the south-west monsoon season and now, water flowed down the waste weir and further downstream, members of the Whitefield Rising said.

BDA executive engineer Veersingh Nayak, who rushed to the spot, blamed it on the BBMP's negligence. The civic body has been instructed to consult with the BDA and take its permission before carrying out public works, he added.

He also said the BBMP has been asked to install pipes and appropriately divert water before embarking on any civic work.

An on-sight BBMP engineer, seeking anonymity, said the breach could have happened due to negligence on the part of the contractors and workers. "Water has also drained due to increased inflow," he said, assuring that the issue will be probed.